I haven’t been watching football on Sundays this year.


Who knows?

I have been shooting aspiring models and friends though.


Sobriety and Street Photography

Street Photography meets Street toxicology….

I’ll keep this short. I drink a little bit more than a little bit but I never drink and shoot. I don’t have a clearly thought out position or reason for not shooting after I drink. I just don’t. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll drop my camera. Maybe I think I’ll forget to adjust settings properly before shooting, even though I associate forgetfulness with marijuana consumption more than I associate it with drinking. Mainly, I think I don’t want to feel sluggish out there in the streets. I never drink before I workout, for similar reasons.

Washington, DC… 

You want to be clear headed out there. There is always a slight hint of danger afoot, all around you. Unsavory people might decide to try to rob you. An angry subject might confront you. You might trip and fall and crack your lens. There are a myriad of things that can go wrong if you are impaired.

Sushi and Saki…

When it is time to edit I have a different philosophy. For my sports editing I stay sober. For my street editing I take a few sips of wine while my photos upload nearly every time. I might blaze one too. Fuck it. The difference is obviously I view my street stuff as personal art and don’t feel that way about my sports stuff, which I lose all rights to as soon as the photos are uploaded anyhow, per my contract. I’ll venture to guess that drunk or high editing, from the darkroom days to the Lightroom days, is a staple in art photography across the globe. It probably always has been since the origin of the artform. Why not enjoy a glass of wine while you dodge and burn?

Chug it down…

Like I said, I’ll keep this post short. I’m more interested to find out if my readers drink and shoot or not. Leave your buzzed shooting experiences in the comment box below if you dare. At any rate, keep that damn shutter button pressed to the camera body. Stay low and keep shooting!