8  Drinks To Go With Your Fave Netflix Series

All you want to do after a tiring day at work is to laze around, relax, put on your night suit and watch your favorite netflix show. Can it get any better than this? Certainly not. How about spicing up your night with a peg of whiskey? You wouldn’t want to miss out on that for sure.

To enhance your experience, we have rounded up 8 drinks that will pair up best while you’re watching your loved netflix show.

1. House of Cards:

If you have been following up house of cards full fledgedly, you know how serious and intense this show is. It has some critical characters, role plays and story and has some realistic as well as scary scenes. We need a serious and strong drink to go along with this show.

You can opt for a strong and full bodied whiskey like Sunset Rum with it. You can also pair some cheddar cheese with it to delight in the show.

2. Wet Hot American Summer:

Throughout the show, you see that alcohol plays a focal role. It is all about chilling and keeping it light in this show. So, a simple drink like Blended Whiskey is just right for this one.

Open up the fridge on a warm day, pick your favorite whiskey and lie on your couch while watching this show. Oh yes, and not to forget eating some spicy spaghetti.

3. Love:

It is the story of a pretty woman who meets a nerdy guy and they fall into something similar to like that of a relationship. It involves a lot of drinks, lots of messaging and erotic scenes. The latest of Judd Apatow needs a lot of cheap and white bubble and all sorts of that.

To boost up the excitement of the show, you can go for a sparkling whiskey cocktail. It is such an amazing drink that you wouldn’t mind gulping too much of it, similar to what the lead actress would do.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

We know what you’re thinking about! But no, it is not oh-so-easy Pinot Noir! Titus loves it but we have something different in store for you.

Try drinking malt whisky with it. You will indeed love it. So why don’t you gulp it in with your best friends along and hit the couch and bed.

5. Orange is the new black:

Most fans of this series will consider a Screwdriver to be an ideal match, this series of dark comedy requires something which is not very conventional. You don’t have to restrict yourself to the Poussey’s prison hooch unlike the ladies in the prison with low security in the series who can’t really gratify their yearning for the drink.

You can rather go for a meow cocktail with ingredients like peanut butter, cinnamon and whiskey that will make you hear the cry similar to the character of the lead actor Piper Chapman, sweet at the beginning and then wild later.

6. Grace and Frankie:

If you’re watching Grace and Frankie, you will get the imagination of how you and your friends will be in late years of your life. You will be the oldies, drinking at the bar and creating a chaos.

One of the best whisky cocktails to go around with this show is a classic margarita to relish the excitement of the show.

7. Fuller house:

It’s about a whole lot of people who reunite at the old family house. The characters like Stephanie and Kimmy are enough to watch this show. It has amazing instances of jokes and teachings to absorb you.

The perfect tipple to drink during the show is Corn Whiskey that is very light, refreshing and is ideal for all the age groups.

8. Sherlock:

Sherlock is very smart, witty and has got intensively amazing analytical skills. To go along with such a sharp man, we need an intense drink too.

You can pair a sharp whisky cocktail like wake up call cocktail with the tanginess of lime and mint to applaud the sharp man. The gin content in the drink makes it even stronger.

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I haven’t been watching football on Sundays this year.


Who knows?

I have been shooting aspiring models and friends though.


Sobriety and Street Photography

Street Photography meets Street toxicology….

I’ll keep this short. I drink a little bit more than a little bit but I never drink and shoot. I don’t have a clearly thought out position or reason for not shooting after I drink. I just don’t. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll drop my camera. Maybe I think I’ll forget to adjust settings properly before shooting, even though I associate forgetfulness with marijuana consumption more than I associate it with drinking. Mainly, I think I don’t want to feel sluggish out there in the streets. I never drink before I workout, for similar reasons.

Washington, DC… 

You want to be clear headed out there. There is always a slight hint of danger afoot, all around you. Unsavory people might decide to try to rob you. An angry subject might confront you. You might trip and fall and crack your lens. There are a myriad of things that can go wrong if you are impaired.

Sushi and Saki…

When it is time to edit I have a different philosophy. For my sports editing I stay sober. For my street editing I take a few sips of wine while my photos upload nearly every time. I might blaze one too. Fuck it. The difference is obviously I view my street stuff as personal art and don’t feel that way about my sports stuff, which I lose all rights to as soon as the photos are uploaded anyhow, per my contract. I’ll venture to guess that drunk or high editing, from the darkroom days to the Lightroom days, is a staple in art photography across the globe. It probably always has been since the origin of the artform. Why not enjoy a glass of wine while you dodge and burn?

Chug it down…

Like I said, I’ll keep this post short. I’m more interested to find out if my readers drink and shoot or not. Leave your buzzed shooting experiences in the comment box below if you dare. At any rate, keep that damn shutter button pressed to the camera body. Stay low and keep shooting!