I haven’t been watching football on Sundays this year.


Who knows?

I have been shooting aspiring models and friends though.


Street Photography and the Irrelevant Majority

Let me get two boring but true aborted blog titles out of the way to start:

Street Photography is Art.

Street Photography is Journalism.

This blog post is more about journalism than art for this particular point…

street photography and the history of us2.jpg
Striped shirts make me think of France for some reason…..

With that done let me get to the meat of my point. Typically journalism documents famous people, criminals, politicians, athletes, and war. I am none of these things. Neither are most of you. Most of you are just regular folks with regular jobs and regular numbers of Instagram followers. Most of you don’t matter in the grand scheme of social media or even your local church or civic organizations. Most of you, of us, will matriculate through history with only selfies, family portraits, embarrassing school photos, and equally embarrassing party candids as our visual legacy.

Some of us however, will be fortunate enough to catch the random eye of the growing number of street shooters out there. Street shooters are not the paparazzi. We photograph nameless people with the intent of posting or printing the likenesses of those people to be preserved forever. Street photographers document the history of you, of us, the irrelevant majority.

street photography and the history of us.jpg
I admittedly haven’t worn headphones outdoors in years. I wear them everyday at the gym however…

1000 years from now people will look back at street photography and be able to glean what life was actually like in the early part of the 21st century. They will, our descendants, notice that celebrity and standard journalism, coupled with selfies and social media branding, can be contrived and propaganda driven, whereas street photography is pure. I take a photo of a woman walking and that’s all it is: a woman walking. I have no agenda. I am not trying to sway public opinion for some financial or other nefarious end. I am not sure more than a handful of people will ever see the photo. Nonetheless I am protecting the integrity of history in the truest sense. I see. I compose. I shoot. I record the history of us. I stay low and I keep shooting

Now ignore everything I just wrote and like and share my blog post so I can someday rule the world….