The Invisible Photo



For most of us, no one will ever see our photos.

This has likely always been the case for most photographers. Before, it was having rolls and rolls of undeveloped film no one would ever see. Things new home owners find stuffed in the attic of a fixer-upper. Dirty DVD’s and rolls of film and old lenses.


It’s sort or like that now, except now our photos are stuffed away on passcode protected computers which themselves will be discarded in 7 years. We may transfer photos between computers using an external drive, but I have a feeling future home owners will find our SSD drives in old Amazon boxes in a corner in the attic…

Even if you post photos online, the hardcore truth is: nobody really spends significant time looking at the average online portfolio they come across. Flickr could shut down tomorrow and all those photos will be scattered to the wind….

To be fair, photography itself is a young art genre. I mean, it can’t be that much older than spray paint graffiti art. Both were created within 150 years of one another I’m sure, as opposed to traditional painting, which was done in caves a million years ago. Affordable consumer cameras, much less digital ones, are a fairly recent phenomenon.

Still, it seems like most of what we do will never be seen by another human, or maybe your friends and family will see it, but most likely they don’t care. In many ways that’s ok…

Tumbling Cheerleader

Immortality through art. More data needed to process….


One thought on “The Invisible Photo

  1. Oi Ric,
    It’s so much easier and more difficult at the same time to be made famous these days – let me explain.
    Thanks to social media, your exposure/presence is probably much higher when compared to twenty years ago – Can’t imagine ever coming across to your photos back in the 90’s. At the same time, since we’re constantly fed with information – a lot of that being pure bollocks, we tend to forget what we come across on the internet, and the rest can be received so effortlessly, so it’s harder to make an impression.
    My two pennies’ worth: don’t worry too much about visibility, just take photography as a hobby.
    Nonetheless, I love what you do as well as your reflections on this matter. No matter it’s photography or writing, it’s always good to exercise one’s skill to think and create in this era. Too many just sit on their arses and receive information without processing it.


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