Creep Show

The more I carry a camera around the streets, the more I realize that some people think it's weird that I'm carrying a camera around on the streets.

It's not my fault really. My little Fuji X100F is small enough to not intimidate folks. The true reason carrying a camera in the streets seems weird is because it is implied that every person ALREADY has a camera on them in their iPhones.

Of course the quality of an iPhone image is not on true par with a raw file from my Fuji or my Canon bodies, but that's where the disconnect happens for most folks. Many people are completely satisfied with their cell phone cameras and, unless they are a parent photographing youth sports, they feel no need to use a bulky old school traditional or post modern traditional style camera. Thus, an old man walking through the streets with a camera around his neck looks stereotypical and creepy to many millennials. Oh well.

Keeping my camera at my side helps me to avoid that "are you a creep?" glare from folks. Looks more professional that way anyhow. In the winter I can stick the Fuji in my jacket pocket. It's all about stealth out there and if people are long-spotting you and they know you're creepy their guard goes up and you lose the ability to capture a true candid. Strategy….

Do you dangle your camera around your neck? Let me know in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Creep Show

  1. If I can’t carry it discreetly in my hand, I sling it over my shoulder to the opposite hip on a long strap. Because I’ve been accosted before with cameras bouncing off my chest: don’t you be photographing me/here/this.

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  2. A couple of weeks ago I went to some local events and spent those days with a 70-300 on my t6. I was just trying to be creative with a long lens, and I also think it’s sharper than the kit lens. I think that because you have to make an effort with it, and there’s no way you can be discreet with it, people assume that you’re some super arty photographer, on a special assignment. I even had somebody ask me for advice on a particular shot. If only they knew what a fraud I am … 😀

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      1. Just the cheap 4/5.6 one. I just like the results I get with it. Just experimenting really. I only got the t6 in January. The 18-55 kit lens doesn’t give the reach I like to work at. I’m considering whether to get the 18-135, or pay more for the 24-105. R.

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  3. I’ve admittedly pulled the long lens trick with my 700d. Then I switched to primes 24/40/50 respectfully so I can carry those in my pocket and not need my bag with me. I no longer carry around my neck however, always shoulder slung.

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