STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: The Switch to 35mm….


I sort of buried the lead with the whole “switching to mirrorless for street photography” thing. I also switched focal legnths, which has in some ways changed the “look” of my photos. 


I shot for a few years with a 50mm lens and loved it. Hell, I still love it, but the new direction I went in with this luxury point-and-shoot kind of forced me to change up my focal length philosophy a bit. Sure, my new Fujifilm X100F has a 50mm “mode” I can shoot in but that feels more like a gimmick AND I can’t shoot raw in that mode, which makes it useless to me. Even my beloved Leica Q has a 50mm mode, but that too is a jpeg-only gimmick. 

My Fuji has a neat and tiny 35mm equivalent lens forever fixed to the front of it (it’s really a 23mm with a crop factor). The thing is, I actually like shooting with it. Those who have shot both 50 and 35 may already know the main reasons. One reason is 35 allows me to stuff more shit into the frame. Shooting 35mm as opposed to 50mm means I get more depth of field and can see more of the background when I shoot at wider apertures. Also the whole setup, my lens and camera, is so tiny and convenient, as opposed to my fat ass 50mm Canon L lens which weighs more by itself than my X100F does, lens included. 


I do have to get closer to my subjects using a 35, which sucks sometimes, but that’s a minor complaint. As a street photographer, our goal should be to get closer to our subjects anyhow. The 35mm lens forces the issue a bit. Overall I enjoy the switch in focal lengths and I like the look of my photos recently. I hope you folks do as well…


2 thoughts on “STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: The Switch to 35mm….

  1. I have shot many photos with my X100T and the 50mm adapter they have and it is actually pretty handy, is a lens not a JPEG gimmick so you still shoot raw if you want … I believe it might work with the X100F but I’m not sure since I haven’t look at all at that camera. But Fuji traditionally has kept the same accessories for all the x100 saga.
    I have plenty of samples on my other site if you wanna take a look in case you can use that adaptor with the X100F. I believe the exif still embed in the photos (


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