What Do You Love? Paper Chasers…

My dream is for all photographers who only shoot photos to make money and not for personal enjoyment to sell their DSLR’s and retire.


This includes bored moms, intrepid self-starter entrepreneur hustlers who shoot everything they can for a buck, tireless wedding warriors, and sports shooters who only bring out their massive cameras to shoot games and don’t even have photos of their kids to share. Just fucking quit. All of you.

Fortunately (unfortunately) photography isn’t the cash cow it once was. These days it’s amazingly hard to earn a living as a photographer  and this situation will not improve. Ever. The record business was blindsided by Napster and has never recovered. The once incredibly lucrative DVD porn industry was crippled by tube sites and file sharing, and has not recovered. Cell phone technology, particularly cameras, will not worsen. Consequently, people can effortlessly take photos of themselves and others with decent resolution and quality.

Girls on Instagram don’t hire pro photographers. They snap selfies in the bathroom mirror with an iphone and drum up hundreds of thousands of followers. They don’t need you. It doesn’t matter how good you are with speed-lites or flash portraiture. In the years to come nobody will care enough to hire you. In the coming years you will quit because you don’t love photography. You just love what it can do for you.


The financial world is becoming tighter and less of a wild frontier. As a result, most of the historically “easy money” streams will dry up as economic 2.0 takes over, led by ideas such as Uber and social media, where the lines between amateur and professional are sketchy at best. If you love something enough, you may become what’s known as an artist and find yourself able to make some extra cash selling artsy photos or instructing others who want to learn the industry. Everyone else will be kicking rocks while complaining how the world is changing before their eyes. I look forward to this because many of you are only here for there paper. Fuck off. Maybe you can change careers? I hear that there is always a need for nurses….maybe you can try that instead.




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