Fuji X100F: My Camera Decision….


I told you bloggers and bastards before that I was going mirrorless. You fuckers didn’t believe me of course right? With that in mind I have made my decision! I have decided to get the recently announced Fuji X100F!!!! Here are my reasons and thought process behind the decision….

Leica Q

I considered the Leica Q first. The Leica Q is a nearly flawless luxury point-and-shoot camera. It focuses fast, has wonderful ergonomics, and takes beautiful photos. It is not big like a consumer level DSLR (Canon t6i, etc) but it’s not exactly pocketable either. It is full frame (unlike the Fuji’s), which has been all the rage for the past decade or so. It’s also a Leica, so there’s that. The reason it isn’t flawless is because the bitch costs $4250. That’s a lot of bread for a loser like myself. Even though I don’t have a wife or kids to look after, and can afford brand new Harley-Davidson’s and shit, I cannot afford nor justify saving all my spare change for a year to get that camera.

Fuji X-Pro2

Next, I strongly considered the Fuji X-Pro2. To be honest, I still might get one down the line, or maybe the X-Pro3 whenever it comes out. At $1699 it’s not silly-expensive like the Leica Q, but it’s also not all-in-one affordable like the X100 series. Price was a factor in my decision, but not for the obvious “for sale cost” reason. My thought process here is: I really, deep in my soul, don’t want to invest in another camera system right now. The X-Pro2 comes with no lens. I’d likely also buy the 35mm F2 or the 32mm Zeiss 1.8 to pair with the X-Pro2, and that’s just for starters. GAS is an opportunistic son of a whore, and I’m very certain that I’d find some reason why I HAD TO HAVE a short zoom, the 50-140 2.8 for sports, and maybe a mid-range portrait lens, and so forth. Since the X100F is a fixed lens luxury point-and-shoot, I wont be tempted to buy 3k worth of lenses. Also, the X-Pro2 is not really a pocketable camera, even with the cute little 27mm 2.8 pancake lens attached. It features the same cropped APS-C sensor as the X100F, which is shameful according to DSLR snobs, so why even buy it and all the (actually affordable) lenses if it doesn’t at least give me full frame snobbiness or a portability advantage?

Fuji X100F

I’ve known that the X100F was coming out since I started my camera research and came across the X100T. The X100T didn’t really impress me much, mainly because of it’s autofocus issues, so I decided back then to wait, even thought to be honest it’s not like I could have gone out and bought the Leica Q instead anyhow. That’s another flaw with the Leica Q. A camera that expensive has to fend off EVERY cheaper competitor as a customer saves for it, and that process can literally take a year or two. It’s hard to not buy an X100F when you have so far saved up $2100 (which is only halfway there toward the Leica Q) and know that you’re only going to use the photos from your new camera for Instagram and your crappy blog.

I would list (copy and paste) all the specs but fuck that. Who actually cares about that shit? The X100F has the same sensor as the X-Pro2, so thats good since the images from the X-Pro2 look pretty nice on Flickr with my 27 inch 5k iMac. It also has the same processor as the X-Pro2, which probably means focusing speed is better and shit like that. The X100F and its native 23mm lens gives about a 35mm equivalent full frame field of view, and there is a crop mode (or something) that will give me the 50mm field of view I’m used to if I need it. It also has a little thumb lever to move the focus point, which is one of the main reasons I bought my 5d Mark III over a year ago. I love that thumb button. Other than that I like shooting in jpeg and Fuji has the best jpegs on the planet straight out of the camera. The Fuji film simulations are surreal and I look forward to using them.

So that’s it. Now I have to wait until February 16th 2017 when the camera comes out. Till then I guess it’s back to blowing money on dates with the dysfunctional women I meet on dating sites. Enjoy your fucking day people…..

The Fuji X100F will be released Feb 23rd 2017 and retails for $1299 USD.

*none of the above photos were taken by me. Not one of them. 


9 thoughts on “Fuji X100F: My Camera Decision….

  1. Good choice. I’ve been using the original X100 since they came out in 2011, time for me to upgrade. I’m an old dude who has been doing photography for a living since 1971. Have gone Fuji X for both work and personal stuff. My X100 is my go-to for personal work.

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  2. I think your choice is more thought out than you try to make us think.
    Now I am looking forward to your review. Yep, it’ll be a hard-ass, knock down drag ’em out, no-holds-barred review that I have come to expect from you Ric.


  3. Hi Ric. Been through almost exactly the same thought processes as you, except substitute Leica Q with Leica M240. I was so close to pulling the trigger on an X100F. I have the T and know it’s calibre. Instead I have just bought a used M240 + 35 Summicron. I can afford it. I will test it, and either resell it if it does not work for me (shouldn’t be too much loss), or if I like it, use it as the basis of my camera system (ie sell my Canon and Contax Zeiss gear, and buy an M6 later for my film fix).

    One thing. I think you did well NOT to get the Q. Have discovered that Leica digital cameras do depreciate as much as other makes. Its the lenses that don’t. For example, the M240 new now is c£5000 and the Summicron v5 is c£2,000. I bought a 3 year old M240 for £2,800 and the Summicron for £1,600. But the Q will depreciate as much as any Leica digital camera. For example, we can buy one in the expensive UK for £3,300, but they are already going on ebay for £2,600 (18 months old).

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    1. If the Q drops to maybe 2000 USD I might get one just to see what I missed. The X100F is stunningly good though. Thanks for reading. Please subscribe, follow, etc….


  4. I have an X100T and it focuses as fast as my DSLR Nikons. Each camera system has its own timing, and the dumbass reviewers never seem to know that. The issue is how long (in fractions of a second) the shooter keeps his hand on the shutter button. I routinely shoot people while I’m walking and the Fuji never misses. My wife has the same experience with hers.

    I’ve all but retired the Nikons, and I’ve learned to assume that reviewers don’t know shit.


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