Weather or Not….

It’s hard to shoot street photography when it’s cold as fuck.


Granted, shooting in the snow has to rank at the very top of the most fun street photography experiences, but when it’s simply freezing cold and windy with no flaky white precipitation….. nah.

Shooting in the rain is pretty nice also provided your camera can handle a downpour, but add a temperature of 38º F and it can get unpleasant really quickly. I dream of shooting in a hurricane or during a tornado but that type of thinking is fantasy and not recommended for the average street shooter. It’s best leave storm chasing to the fellas and chicks over at Nat Geo.


So what to do during the winter when it’s too cold to go out and shoot? Read my blog for starters, and you can also spend time gear-lusitng or working on things like flash photography and lighting. When it’s 14º outside and the ground is dry and the wind is howling, stay your ass inside and shoot photos of that hot cup of coffee you just made with your Keurig.

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