I never feel satisfied with my portfolio (or lack thereof).

I shoot a lot of photos during the high school sports seasons, yet I keep practically none of them. I delete 99.9% of them to clear space on drive and because, to be honest, I don’t particularly like viewing sports photos. They don’t satisfy my hunger for art.


As I look into selling prints and other things associated with fine-art photography, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to identify photos I think are good enough to sell. Most likely, I’ll say “nah” and shelve 99% them, forever chasing that elusive perfect capture.


So to recap….

I delete most of my sports photos because they bore me.

I delete or don’t want to sell most of my street/art photos because I’m a perfectionist. (As if people would buy my street stuff anyhow.)

This whole shit is unsatisfactory. Gotta love it though. Stay low and keep shooting…

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